There were altogether 13 candidates in the competition Environmental Award of the Year 2014 and this time, the 1st prize was divided between two nominees:


Winners of the Environmental Award of the Year 2014

  • NGO Estonian Ornithological Society for its project “Bird of the Year 2014 – the King Fisher“. The aim of the initiative was to introduce the king fisher as one of the most beautiful birds in Estonia, improve the knowledge on the distribution, population and habitats of this protected species, and make its protection more efficient. The year of the king fisher stood out with its wide range of versatile activities and public involvement, and also had a significant result from the perspective of environmental protection. In the year 2014, the king fisher became known to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people; there were hundreds of schools, nursery schools, institutions and local communities participating in the activities.

  • Foundation Things for its project Kuhuviia.ee – Kuhuviia.ee is a map application of waste and thing collection points, which gives people information about how to get rid of things they do not need, such as old clothes, electronic devices, furniture, dishes; or reusable waste, such as tare, waste paper, packages, building waste, etc. By now, information about more than 5,300 collection points has been gathered on the website.


Recognized with a letter of thanks

  • Porkuni School for its project “Saving frogs during their spring migration”

The school organized a community activity to save frogs from the danger of getting killed under car wheels during their spring migration. The environmental deed took place with the help of students and teachers of Porkuni School for students with special needs, and the local people. They managed to save 1,053 frogs in the surroundings of the Lake Porkuni during their spring migration. There were altogether 23 students and 6 staff members participating in the project.

  • Organization, communication and collection of fuel oil pollution in Suurupi-Muraste-Tilgu– Val Rajasaar, Katre Kuusik, Nele Nõu, Kady-Ann Sutt, Agni Kaldma, Aare Kasvandik

In the year 2014, there were two instances of fuel oil pollution in the Harku rural municipality: the first time in January and the second time in April. The cooperation for collecting the waste was fast and efficient; an important part in it was played by the people who were nominated for the award. They communicated real-time information about critical areas, informed different parties of the need for assistance and eliminated the pollution.