The category Environmental Award of the Year 2006

  • Põlva County Government – Eco Festival “Greener Life”, 25,000 kroons
  • Foundation Estonian Fund for Nature and NGO Nõva Fire Fighters’ Association – active participation in the elimination works of oil pollution in the North-West part of Estonia
  • NGO Estonian Green Movement – organizing the “Nature-friendly product campaign”

Selecting the environmental deed of the year proved to be a difficult task, as there were four very strong candidates in the final round. The winner of the 1st prize, the Eco Festival held by the Põlva County Government, is quite a rare event to be organized by a county government and also a wonderful role model to others.

The 2nd prize was given for the organization of elimination works of sea pollution in the North-West part of Estonia. There were two candidates engaged with this project and the competition committee decided to divide the 2nd prize between them. The Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) is worth of recognition primarily for active participation in eliminating oil pollution. It is important to note that ELF also gave volunteers the opportunity to participate. The prize for the same deed was also given to NGO Nõva Fire Fighters’ Association, who participated in the elimination works of oil pollution that hit the coast of Nõva in January and February at its own initiative, until the Rescue Centre and other volunteers came to help.

The 3rd prize was given to the NGO Estonian Green Movement for its "Nature-friendly product campaign”. The campaign stood out with its sustainable, simple and clear message and tight cooperation with supermarkets, who are otherwise usually encouraging consumption. The outdoor media campaign informed consumers of the environmental impact of their everyday purchase decisions, thereby directing them towards preferring environmentally friendly products with ecolabels.


The prize in the category Small Environmental Award of the Year 2006 went to NGO Estonian School Forest Foundation for promoting the idea of outdoor learning in the TV-programme Õpiõu! shown on channel ETV.