There were no such strong candidates in the competition Environmental Award of the Year 2009 as the community garbage collection campaign “Let’s Do It” had been in the previous year; however, lots of good deeds were also done in the year 2009. The prize fund in the amount of 70,000 kroons was divided between the winners.

The category Environmental Award of the Year 2009

  • NGO JCI GO Koda – for the awareness campaign “Killer bag kills”; prize 50,000 kroons.

“Save lives, use a canvas bag”. The campaign was aimed at turning people’s attention to the pollution caused by plastic waste and encouraged people to choose a canvas shopping bag instead of using plastic bags.

Recognized with a letter of thanks

  • NGO Ökomeedia – for launching the web portal Bioneer, which promotes sustainable life style
  • GO Emajõe Barge Society – for organizing environmentally educating barge trips introducing the wetlands of the River Emajõgi

The category Small Environmental Award of the year 2009

  • Torma Nursery School Linnutaja – for carrying out educative environmental projects; prize 10,000 kroons
  • AS Ragn-Sells –for organizing study trips to the waste sorting stations; prize 10,000 kroons 

Recognized with a letter of thanks

Youth project NETT i.e., Nõnda Edastame Taaskasutust Teieni (This is how we introduce recycling to you) – for spreading green ways of thinking among young people by various activities (reprocessing workshops of second-hand clothes, furniture and paper etc.)