At the festive award ceremony of the Environmental Award of the Year 2004, the Ministry divided the monetary prize of 80,000 kroons between two categories: “Environmental Award of the Year 2004” and “Small Environmental Award of the Year 2004”.  

The category Environmental Award of the Year 2004

  • Estonian Song and Dance Festival Foundation – project Las jääda ükski mets (May at least One Forest Survive); 1st prize – 25,000 kroons
  • NGO Kiideva Village Society – developing nature tourism in Kiideva; 2nd prize – 15,000 kroons
  • Koonga Nature Foundation – recovery and maintenance of Nedrema wooded meadow; 3rd prize – 10,000 kroons

The nominees in the category Small Environmental Award of the Year 2004 were all equally worthy of recognition, so that the jury decided to give them all an award of 5,000 kroons.

  • Ala Basic School
  • Kabala Basic School
  • Ruth Rang and Erla Soots from the NGO Võrkorav
  • Viljandi Nursery School Mesimumm
  • NGO Peraküla Theatre
  • NGO Ökokratt