Terms and Conditions


The application form contain questions about the environmental performance of the organization during the last 12 months and realistic plans for future. 

Entry criteria:

  1. The candidate can be put up by the organization itself or by a professional association.
  2. Organizations include enterprises, authorities, local governments, non-governmental organizations, public agencies, their parts or unions which have their own field of activity and management regardless of the fact whether they are independent legal persons or not.
  3. An organization may enter in several categories.
  4. An organization is not obligated to provide answers to all questions in the questionnaire, but failure to give answers must be founded.
  5. An organization may not be convicted of environmental infringements by court during the last 12 months.
  6. Organizations that participated in the competition in previous years may also apply for award, and it is also allowed to participate with the same product provided that it has been improved.
  7. In order to participate, the organization should fill in an electronic questionnaire.


Upon evaluation of the candidates for environment-friendly enterprise of the year, the jury will rely upon thematic distribution of application form questions and the proportion of the significance of the criteria.

Evaluation criterias:

  • innovation, environmental benefits, social benefits, economic benefits, dedication, potential for wider use of the methodology, and extra points are given for successful combination of business and biodiversity themes.