In the competition Environmental Award for Business (Aasta Keskkonnategija), 14 candidates participated in three categories.

The winner in the category of environmental management was Viru Keemia Grupp AS, which had consistently developed and improved its environmental management systems. In the same category the jury acknowledged Pärnu NOTE OÜ for outstanding work.

The winner in the environment-friendly product/service was Baltic Agro AS, which provided its services with a specific liquid manure spreader. The evaluation jury found that this service was environmentally beneficial and sustainable. In the same category, recognition was given to UltraKub OÜ for smart and innovative solutions and to MTÜ POHLAD for great dedication and eco-friendliness.

In the category of environment-friendly production process, the winner was Ragn-Sells AS, whose innovative bacterial tunnel drying process allows putting more and more waste into recycling. The jury also recognized Eesti Energia, which developed an ash field, Estonian Maritime Museum for smart maritime heating solution and Mäetaguse Rural Municipality Government for converting mining to function for the benefit of the rural municipality.