Environmental Award for Business 2007: 3 winners and 3 acknowledged organizations.

In the category of environmental management: AS Triip. The environmental policy of the company conforms to the requirements of ISO 14001:2005 standard. The company has proven itself as an environment-friendly producer of printed matters and has achieved significant success in the field.

In the category of environment-friendly product or service: Väätsa Prügila AS.

Today, Väätsa Prügila is contributing more than other similar companies in Estonia. Väätsa Prügila AS is the only landfill in Estonia that uses separate collection and recycling.

In the category of environment-friendly technological process: Silbet AS.

The company produces eco-friendly porous concrete blocks at affordable price. Expensive cement and limestone used in the production process of porous concrete are substituted with less expensive oil shale ash. Silbet’s technology enables to cut down on natural resources.